PC Repairs

Over the years of using your PC it is highly likely that at some
point a component will fail. This isn’t a problem if you’re familiar with IT and know your way around a PC case/motherboard, but what about if you have no idea… where do you start?All you need to do is contact ABTech Solutions! – We will aim to fix your computer in just a few days, in some cases the very same day!
We will keep you updated throughout the process, from ordering of parts right the way through to fitments.We will provide you with a quote prior to carrying out the work,
this can usually be done over the phone from your diagnosis. There are no hidden charges at all! We have built a fantastic reputation for our work, honesty and price!We have years of experience with computer repairs, it is where the business first started!

Common PC Repairs:


Nothing happens when power button is pressed?
Failed Hard Drive?
No display?
Often a sign that the power supply has given up, this can be caused by an influx in current from the mains supply. ABTech Solutions can fix issues such as these from as little as £30. We can supply and install a wide selection of Hard Drive to suit your needs and usage. When possible we will clone the contents of your existing hard drive onto the new unit, ensuring that all your data and programs remain un-touched. Often the cause is a faulty graphics card/chip. At ABTech Solutions we will diagnose the fault and rectify the issue within a small timescale. We have ways to diagnose and find faults. We aim to source the components and have the computer back with you within 1 week (Sooner if no parts are needed or the parts are in stock).
Overheating/Noises from PC?
Annoying popups and fake alerts?
Needing more power?
Does your computer feel very hot? Does it alter you about the high temperature? DoesDoes your laptop only charge when the lead is in certain positions? Does it not charge at all? This is usually the case when the power jack was become dislodged from the motherboard, not a problem, we have fixed many of these in the past with a 100% success rate. Does your computer often have pop-ups appearing on screen? Software informing you that you need to pay a fee to remove infections? Status message saying the police have been informed about browsing history – these are all common occurances if your computer has become infected with a virus or malware. ABTech Solutions can restore your computer to a clean bill of health from as little as £30. Does your computer require more power to run certain applications? Are you looking to upgrade your computer to make it quicker? At ABTech Solutions we can source and install the necessary hardware to make the computer run quicker, our labour costs will never exceed £45.