Laptop Upgrades

ABTech Solutions have vast experience of laptop upgrades, including higher capacity hard drives, more memory installations and even a change of the processing unit.

Over time laptops tend to get slower and slower, the hard drive fills up with soo much information and the system registry soon becomes cluttered. ABTech Solutions can return your laptop after the upgrades within a few working days, as soon as the hardware is received we set to work straight away.


Common Laptop Upgrades


Laptop Memory Upgrade
Larger Capacity Hard Drive
Solid State Hard Drive
If your computer is running slower than you’d like/does not meet the required amount of RAM (Computer memory) by an application it is possible to upgrade the computers memory. ABTech Solutions will provide you with an exact price and various options which what to upgrade your computer to, we will source the genuine memory modules necessary to ensure compatibility Running out of hard drive space? Not sure what to delete? Worried you may loose your data. Not to worry, ABTech Solutions can supply and install a larger capacity hard drive to your laptop, ensuring all existing programs and documents remain untouched, giving you plenty more storage for the future. Fancy a lighting quick laptop? Solid State Hard Drive are the way forward, ABTech Solutions can supply and install a solid state unit to your laptop, re-install the operating system and copy across your old files. With a solid state drive there are no moving parts, no wasted time waiting for the drive to spin up to speed. No moving parts to go wrong either!
Laptop Battery Upgrade
Is your laptop no longer holding sufficient charge? Do you need longer battery life? ABTech Solutions can source and install a new battery (long life/high capacity battery if needed) from as little as £40.