Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop not responding? Is the screen very dark? Does the screen have a crack in it? Does the laptop no longer charge?Contact ABTech Solutions! We are able to repair all makes/model of laptops. We have carried out many fixes on laptop computers. If the fix is something we are unable to do we will inform you and you do not pay us a penny!Laptop computers are more difficult to repair than their desktop counter-parts, but at ABTech Solutions we have years of experience behind us and will aim to get your laptop computer back up and running and into your hands as quickly as possible. In most cases the laptop will be returned within 5 working days (part dependant).  Laptop Repair

Common Laptop Repairs


Unresponsive keys/keyboard?
Cracked Screen?
Broken or Very dark screen?
The normal cause for unresponsive keys on a keyboard are due to some form of spillage, this isn’t an issue for us, we can remove and replace the faulty keyboard, prices start at just £30. We have fixed many many cracked laptops screens after having been dropped, stood on and sat on. The charge of our screen replacement service starts from as little as £60. No picture on the laptop screen but all lights and fans on the laptop are working as normal? Usually this means that the back-light for the screen has failed…. not to worry, ABTech Solutions have repaired lots of these faults.
Damaged laptop power socket?
Annoying popups and fake alerts?
Broken Screen Hinges?
Does your laptop only charge when the lead is in certain positions? Does it not charge at all? This is usually the case when the power jack was become dislodged from the motherboard, not a problem, we have fixed many of these in the past with a 100% success rate. Does your computer often have pop-ups appearing on screen? Software informing you that you need to pay a fee to remove infections? Status message saying the police have been informed about browsing history – these are all common occurances if your computer has become infected with a virus or malware. ABTech Solutions can restore your computer to a clean bill of health from as little as £30. Does your laptop screen feel loose? does it wobble around when upright? Over time the majority of laptops develop this fault, the hinges become weak and break. Here at ABTech Solutions we can source the correct hinges for your laptop and replace them for a cost starting at just £40.