Will you come and collect?

Yes, we will arrange the collection of your machine at a time to suit you. In-fact…. we will collect, carry out the work and then deliver it back to you.

Can you fix my problems on-site?

For a lot of computer issues such as virus’s, malware and computer faults it is often beneficial to take the unit back to base to help us carry out the work quicker, some issues can take a number of hours so to do this on-site is not practical. Networking, broadband fixes and troubleshooting and some faults can be done on-site.

When do I pay?

You only pay once the work has been carried out, no pre-payment or deposit is necessary.

How much will my repair be?

Here at ABTech Solutions we cap our labour charge at £40 – you’ll pay no more than £40 for our time. But we will give you a phone call detailing any costs prior to the work being done, allowing you to give the final go-ahead.

Can you build a machine to suit my needs?

Of course, we have many years experience under our belt of custom built PC’s. For home & office to full fledged high performance gaming machines.

How long will my repair take?

This will depend on the fault, however we do generally try to get the computer back to you within 4 working days. We will give you a call with a completion time-scale upon diagnosing any fault.

 Do you give free estimates?

We certainly do, we will provide you with an exact finished price prior to any work being undertaken.

Will I loose all my data?

No, unless there is a severe hard drive problem your data will be perfectly safe.